Feedback Series 2 – Importance of Receiving Feedback

We agree that receiving feedback can be uncomfortable, so why do it? Well, like so many difficult things, it’s how we grow.

Have you heard of the Johari Window? It looks like this and was designed to help us better understand our relationship with ourselves and others. The top right box illustrates the fact that there are traits and behaviors that we don’t see in ourselves, but others do see them. These are our BLIND SPOTS. Getting genuine feedback allows us to become aware of these blind spots and determine whether we need to make a change.

Since we know why we do certain things, and believe we have a good reason, we view our actions are appropriate. However, how we are perceived by others is important to our ability to collaborate and work effectively in teams. I have personally had situations where I thought I was doing someone a favor, and that person viewed it as a slight. How will we know if we don’t ask?

Getting feedback is a critical input for leadership development and I encourage you to seek it out. In the next video I’ll offer tips on the best way to get the feedback you need.

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