Organizational change management is difficult

Become an Effective Change Manager

With so much at stake, it’s important to work through every stage of the process with proven methods for success. Valerie Franco’s Organizational Change Management coaching will help you define success and take your business in the right direction.

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Executive Coaching Services for Transformational Change

Become a More Effective, Resilient Leader

In an era where change is constant, leaders must adeptly balance current operations with future transformations.
Valerie’s guidance equips you to define clear goals, ensure team commitment, and seamlessly lead your organization through change, ensuring everyone moves in unison towards success.


Metrix Global found the executive coaching has a 788% return on investment.


Executive coaching clients see a 70% increase in individual performance.


ICF™ Coach Certified.
Resilience Alliance Certified.
Prosci™ Certified.

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Transformation is happening. What is the right path to get there?

Eliminate Uncertainty from Mergers and Acquisitions

Working with Valerie, you will successfully prepare your organization for a corporate merger or acquisition. You will utilize best practices to navigate the new relationship seamlessly.

Your Path to Transformation

Change Unveiled

Unlock the secret to course-correcting your organization without stalling. Valerie will teach you to sustain energy throughout your strategic change.

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Valerie making a plan for how to guide change management
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Guiding Your Team Through Times of Transformation

Navigate a Change in Leadership

Prepare your organization for changes in leadership personnel. Position your team for success by embracing the new executive and implementing the change they bring.

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Change doesn’t have to be overwhelming

Contact Valerie W. Franco to begin your leadership transformation.