Feedback Series 4 – Why Giving Feedback is Important

Do you provide candid feedback to your team on a prompt, regular basis or are you side-stepping? Today let’s talk about why FEEDBACK is an important responsibility for leaders.

Employees want to understand how they are performing and prompt, specific feedback is the best way to make sure they are clear about expectations. When we help people understand how they are showing up and make them aware of blind spots in a compassionate way, we build trust. If we avoid giving feedback, team members may wonder what else we are holding back. No matter how talented, every person has growth opportunities; smart people know they aren’t perfect.

Giving constructive feedback builds employee confidence. When we point out a growth edge or discuss something that didn’t go well, we’re also saying “I know you want to be your best and I will help you get there”. Cultures that reinforce ongoing feedback have higher engagement and better overall performance.

Join me next time for techniques to having the conversation.

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